Where To Find The Best Price for Herno?

Where To Find The Best Price for Herno?

Which country has the best fashion luxury boutiques?

We often think of one place when we talk about luxury fashion boutiques– Italy. Not only is it known for having the largest selection of items from Italian, French and other top international fashion brands and designers, but also for its amazingly best prices to shop. Unlike any other, Italist brings the Italian boutiques right at your fingertips. With over 1,000 brands, more than 200,000 items added each season, and a wide-ranging selections updated daily, finding the best price for labels like Herno is just a walk in the park at Italist– easily accomplished and with perfect views to come back for.

To give you a clear example, a full-priced Herno down quilted jacket bought from Italist, (including shipping cost) is priced significantly lower than an exact same item from US retailers like Barneys New York.



The grand total for this item at Barneys, including tax and shipping, is $915. At italist.com, you can purchase this item for $667 which of course includes everything as well. That’s a price difference of $248. Now imagine saving that much, or more, on other designers and luxury brands you love.


What is the best brand for coats and jackets?

Founded by Giuseppe Marenzi in 1948, Herno remains consistent with its goal: to produce durable, functional coats and jackets, resistant to the rain and wind without sacrificing the sophistication and taste of Italian style. Giuseppe was inspired after the World War II and by the geography and climate of Lake Maggiore, Lesa and the Erno Valley. His military experience in the war and subsequently, his job in a raincoat company were all necessary foundations of what embodies the nature of Herno pieces today.




Herno raincoats were made in the early years of the company– and perhaps, still one of the most popular items from the brand. Over the past decades, Herno expanded its variety of outerwear, integrating practicality with cutting-edge fashion. It is famous for a great price for value.

As a definite go-to brand for stylish and innovative coats and jackets, Herno coats and jackets for men and women are never to be missed in a fashion must-have list, and Italist is the perfect shopping site if you’re looking for a vast selection with an Italian multi-brand retail price. Based in Los Angeles, California, Italist is the first online marketplace fully dedicated to Italian luxury multi-brand retailers. Of course, every single piece sold on Italist.com is 100% authentic, and we strive to ensure the best shopping experience possible for our customers.





Why does Italist have very low prices?


It carries high fashion items (clothes, shoes and accessories) from over 200 Italian fashion luxury boutiques integrated in its platform and sells at the best prices possible: 30% less than average online marketplaces and off-line retail prices. You can buy the same items you would find in all shopping cities in Italy like Florence, Rome and Venice- but all without VAT.

How do I get the right size for my Herno jacket?


Herno uses Italian sizes since you are importing from Italy. If an item doesn’t fit or you simply changed your mind, the item has to be returned back to the luxury boutique in Italy. Hence, you may incur additional expenses. So for your best convenience, we recommend that you go to your closest retail store and try on the item that you want to purchase from our site.


Does italist sell authentic Herno jackets?


Italist.com only sells authentic Herno jackets and offers the best prices for brands like Herno with a large selection of items carefully curated by Italian luxury boutiques. When purchasing a Herno jacket, or any other brand available on the site, an easy ordering process will be quite handy and your item will arrive in less than a week in a Herno dust bag– all these in the best Italian retail prices.


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