Does italist offer Free Shipping to the US and Canada? Yes—The Best

Does italist offer Free Shipping to the US and Canada? Yes—The Best

Our US and Canadian shoppers currently enjoy free shipping on all items sold by italist. For the rest of the world, shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. The total shipping fee you pay at italist will be based on the item’s value, size, weight, and destination.


Who handles the shipping?

italist’s partner couriers, such as DHL, will handle shipment and delivery. We only have one site to serve everyone around the world, so we need to know what you’re buying and where you want to ship it to calculate the delivery costs and the legally-required duties and taxes.


Is italist shipping expensive?

No, it is not. We currently ship to more than 150 countries across the world, and we work to do so at the best price possible. We may provide more free international shipping options at italist a later time, but currently, we can best protect your purchase and guarantee the delivery through one of our shipping partners.

We use DHL Express to ensure that your items arrive quickly and securely.


How long will it take for items to arrive?

italist uses only express international shipping. This ensures that products always arrive quickly, no matter where they are shipped. Product(s) will typically arrive within 2–4 business days (though shipping can take longer in certain regions).

You may track your package with a tracking code that will be provided by email as soon as the item leaves.


How will my items be packaged?

All orders will be delivered with italist packaging. It will protect your items and ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.


How much can I save?

While shipping and required customs fees may apply in some regions, our prices, including the shipping costs, duties and taxes are still up to 30% cheaper than the market offer.


Will I have to pay additional fees to get my item?

If a customer ships an item to a Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) destination (you can find an updated list of countries here), then the price displayed will be exclusive of all taxes and duties.

As the recipient, you are liable for all customs duties and local sales taxes levied by the destination country; we are unable to estimate the total amount of these fees. Payment of these fees is necessary to release your order from customs on arrival.


Where can I get a coupon code for free shipping?

Bad news: Nowhere. There are no italist free shipping coupons. You may have found some online, but they’re all fake.

Good news: you don’t need it. If you are in North America, you already have free shipping on your entire purchase. If you’re anywhere else in the world, you can still take advantage of our amazing tariffs for DHL express.

Customs duties are included in the cost of the purchase, so you will not be required to pay inconvenient additional fees when you receive your imported item.

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